Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tuesday, April 23 (2013)

Please note that I have not confused the year. I am simply going back to finish up my blog posts from last year. Otherwise, I'd feel like a big fraud for not finishing something I had promised, before starting a new project for this year's (2014) Autism Awareness month.

Monday night I had realized I was out of 24 hour insulin. Big oopsie. I knew I was forgetting something, but couldn't put my finger on the button. One panicky call to the doctor, a follow up call to CVS to make sure I didn't need to beat up any health insurance peeps (learned my lesson last time when it took me 3 weeks trying to get pen needles), and a follow-up call to the doctors to triple check, and, yeah, insulin! I also managed to schedule and reschedule an MRI despite numerous dropped calls and an appointment date given after the expiration of the authorization number. So, I was feeling pretty psyched despite taking two hours to work it all out.

Except I forgot my wallet, and it was too late to walk back to the apartment and grab it, and then walk back. I then and there had a meltdown and began crying uncontrollably. I was already going without sleep to make up my hours for doctor's appointments and physical therapy, forgetting to eat, and generally feeling like crap. Some how or another, the pharmacist managed to calm me down and we agreed to a simple solution: She'd give me one pen in exchange for picking up the rest with payment the next morning. Thank god for her, otherwise I'd be up a creek without 24 hour insulin, and no time to pick it up until the weekend!

Here's the Facebook status I posted about the events that transpired:

Ok. So I'll be working until I get a nosebleed on Friday, but I managed to get an MRI appointment AND an indulging prescription! I learned my lesson from last time: call doctor yourself, follow up with doc next day, call CVS - making sure you don't have to brow beat the insurance company first yourself - and then pick up insulin. Only I forget the damn credit card *facepalm* Luckily, CVS gave me a pen out if sympathy (I had a mini meltdowns because my knee hurts, I'm tired and stressed, and I had to walk through the bushes to get to CVS on time 'cause some grandpa was being slow and blocking the exit to the parking lot).

Back to work!

Note: It is from here that my blog posts will be from memory. Some of them are saved to the draft folders, and others were retrieved from my phone.

Picture shows a Lantus Solostar insulin pen with a CVS label. Above the insulin pen is my glucose monitor organizer. To the left, my Kindle can be seen, and in the upper right hand corner a container of some sort of homemade soup (either taco or black bean) can be seen.

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