Thursday, July 16, 2015


For the past year, I've been trying to file for Social Security Disability. It's because of severe and chronic sleep issues, issues pertaining to autism, depression, and anxiety. Working from home would be an option if I had a laptop and an extremely flexible schedule. Like Pokey flexible.

My mom keeps reminding me to document, document, document and her advice finally made its way through my fog soaked brain and hit home. I'm doing it here because paper and pen are not working, and Florida basically denied me SSDI because they said I was being lazy and didn't want to work. As if. I've tried reaching out to Florida's Vocational Rehabilitation and they told me they couldn't help and to apply for SSDI. Yup. Florida is really helpful. /sarcasm

Yesterday, I had a sciatica flare up, both legs. Made it impossible to walk. Chewed on my lip a lot. Got five hours of sleep. Woke up with right foot feeling broken, again, and left arm numb and left hand tingly, with my Kindle some how underneath me. And so begins my day.

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