Sunday, April 14, 2013

Friday ... Saturday ... Sunday

Man, I'm a horrible blogger! I haven't updated my blog since Friday. Yeck.
Friday I had to go all the way down to DC - to the far reaches of a hospital in NE DC near Fort Totten - and back for my cardiology follow-up. I left at 12:30 PM and didn't get home until a little before 6:30ish. By the time I got back, I was sore and tired and only managed to barely work 8 hours before passing out. Dinner was a bowl of cereal. The good news is that I got a 6 month follow up (to wait for my knee and my body to heal, otherwise it would be 3 months), but I also need to keep an eye on my blood pressure (ironic, considering that's my assignment for next month's health promotion).

I lost a whole's day worth of work this week thanks to bronchitis. Pisses me off, considering I'm already behind. I didn't work on Saturday, either, because I spent the whole day running errands and getting the laundry started and taking the recyclables out. From CVS, to Target, then to PetSmart, and lastly to WalMart for the stuff Target didn't have. Even though a good friend gave me a ride home, I still wound up passing out early without dinner for the boys or me. It's pathetic.

Even more pathetic is that I called the fire department because of a wasp last night. I tried spraying the wasp with Raid for wasps, but only managed to piss the wasp off (fuzzy eye sight, poor aim). I quickly left the apartment, only to realize there might be other wasps outside, so I slowly pushed the door open, peeked inside, and then did a quick 360 with my better leg to make sure there were no wasps behind me. Which is when I high-tailed it to the bathroom, locked myself in, and Googled the fire department to call them. I'm not sure if I'm allergic to wasps and wasn't about to test the theory, and if I got stung, I wanted help sent straight away.

After relaying all the above to the fireman dude (in which he was laughing - I can't blame the guy), his response was "Ma'am, we can't send a firetruck out to kill one wasp." Sheepishly, I replied "Yeah, okay. Can you please stay on the line in case I get stung?". After he agreed and I had warned him that I can deal with anything but wasps and spiders (and therefore might scream like a little girl and/or cuss), I tip-toed to the living room and eventually killed the wasp after two more sprays. Eeeeech! I scared the boys with my girly scream (sorry) and still have a massive case of the heebie geebies thinking about it.
So, the pictures! Friday I didn't take any pictures because I 1.) Forgot because I was busy and 2.) Don't like taking pictures on the Metro least someone think I'm a terrorist and/or running the risk of my phone being stolen. The train on the way back was packed and my poor knee suffered being stuck in one position and being accidentally whacked with an umbrella a few times (the lady at least apologized, so no hard feelings). Instead, I took a photo of Metro's Web site :-) Then, a picture of the Target, a greeting card I saw while in Target, and how the couch looked once I finally woke up!
Picture is of a really huge dead wasp.
Picture is a computer screen shot of the travel itinerary from Shady Grove Metro to Providence Hospital.
A picture of the Target building as seen from the back (where the bus stops are located).
Card reads: "Talking to yourself is easy. Gossiping to yourself is just Weird."
Picture is of the couch after I woke up. From left to right: a Pyrex rectangular cooking dish, a plastic re-usable water bottle, two plates stacked upon one another with a fork on top, a blue towel, my sewing kit (a small Ziplock re-usable container), and my plate of what appears to be nachos. On the couch is a small heart shaped pillow and red flannel blanket with an alternating pattern of white zigzag lines, small dots in a zigzag design, and black zigzag lines.

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