Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's alive!

Hi again!

I apologize for being MIA yesterday. I had to pay bills, complete shipping orders (because of my anxiety and difficulty in walking and navigating a shopping cart, I mostly shop online. WalMart has free shipping if you spend $50 or more. I only go to the store for stuff I can't get online or that I know is cheaper in store - like Splenda or AC filters - or guinea lettuce on a non-Peapod week), and icing my knee, which has decided to act up and required me taking a heavy dose of pain killers once I got home - hence the MIA.

That and I also forgot to throw my insulin and my afternoon dose of antibiotics and Mucinex into my backpack before heading off to work. On the flip side, I DID remember my lunch, which I wound up not eating to get through Marketing and avoid having high blood sugars (I ate my egg and cheese omelette, the cheese stick, and PB though).

After bills, personal necessities, hay, and medications, I'll have around $200 left to spend on food for me and the boys, so I'm even more thankful my mom surprised me with a Peapod order. It'll be tight, but I got taco soup in the crockpot and it'll be all right (knock on wood).

Speaking of bills and icky adult responsibilities, I need to call and make an appointment with my case manager/counselor to work on getting over my fear and anxiety of having a roommate. It's getting way too expensive to be single in this town, and, with no car, I'm sort out of options as far as Maryland is concerned. I don't socialize well and most roommates expect you to be social and, for me, it never goes over well. There was that time one of my roommates locked me in the laundry room because she thought I was hitting on her boyfriend (um, no, and guys stare at me all the flippin' time. I'm thinking it's time to start charging them, but that could get messy, what with the taxes and all). Also, the thought of being confined to one room bugs me to no end - when I think, I pace, and pacing takes space (I have a lot of excuses, but I'm on borrowed time today and will graciously spare you the rest!).

Since I overslept until 5:30 AM (when Zeke went off and wouldn't shut up until I got off the couch), the boys were so hungry that they wouldn't even let me pet them :-( I gave each a small handful of lettuce and a carrot so I could at least clean their cages, so breakfast for them was at 6:30 AM and 7:40 AM for me. As a "I'm sorry I'm such a horrible mom," I gave them the blueberries from the Peapod order, in which they wound up eating half the pint. Sheesh. I have not one, but TWO blueberry monsters! Like, save some for me!

So, the pictures! I couldn't resist including a photo of Benny's blueberry expression (he always makes this face when eating blueberries) and Zeke actually taking food out of my hand. Ah, the magically properties of blueberries! I've also included a pic of me icing my knee (with a bag of frozen veggies, no less - I fell asleep with the ice bag last night, so used the frozen veggies this morning). I've also included a pic of my WalMart order because that was the inspiration for the post.

With that, I'm off to find clothes to work (it was 90 yesterday - 90!) and head off to work. Guinea out!

Picture is of a WalMart online order.
Picture is of me feeding Zeke blueberries.
Picture shows Benny making his "Mmmm, blueberries" face. His eyes are half closed, and he looks like he's thoroughly enjoying the blueberry he is eating.
Picture is me icing my left swollen knee with a bag of vegetables. Beyond can be seen the chaos which is my apartment. In the upper center of the picture, a pair of brown pants can be seen drying on the clothes line.

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