Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Smell the spring on the smokey wind

Good morning fellow readers! I have bronchitis, which means spring is finally here!
It's really weird, too, because I have arms and legs. I've only caught brief glances of them since October, and its like I have alien limbs. It's just so weird! I'm in this transition from my long winter coat (the "Eskimo" outfit) and winter boots to shorts, a t-shirt, and my birthday shoes (no, not bare feet. New shoes!). No more three or four layers. I feel naked. It keeps tripping my Aspie senses.

I keep giving myself whiplash, too. It's so unusual to see Benny laying his cage. He's usually snuggled himself under his den of blankets and doesn't come out unless he smells food. Not only that, but he is purring and almost smiling. He honestly had me worried until I noticed the sunlight and decided to check the weather status. Both boys are basking in the sunlight and warm weather. If they were anymore relaxed, they'd become one with their cage ;-)

A school bus passed me yesterday and one the teenagers tried  to taunt be saying "Nice shoes!" I had to stop myself from saying "Thank you, they're a birthday gift from my mom!" I'm just so gosh darn happy about having new shoes - they're comfy, solid, and supportive. I love them so much that I could almost hug them - almost lol

Thanks to the antibiotics and sleeping from 8 PM to 4 AM, my lungs are no longer feel like they're drowning. They're merely floating. Still short of breath and lungs are sore, but bronchitis is a cake walk for me. It's the every 3-4 year colds that I can't stand.

My mom also surprised me with a PeaPod order, so I get yummy food two days earlier than planned (no complaints here - I'm finishing dinner up and wrapping that up with a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles for desert!). I'm popcorning along with the boys :-)

At any rate, I need to finish eating and take a shower. If I can stay awake tonight, I plan on working on a short essay on what it means to be autistic. It's sponsored by ASAN and smacks of good intentions, so definitely worth a go. Until then, guinea out!

A picture of my arm reaching out onto my fourth floor balcony, "pinching" a tree down below in the parking lot. Below are a bunch of planting pots and dishwasher containers filled with dirt and dead plants.

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