Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Monday ... Tuesday ... Wednesday?

My mom once told me I should start a reality show, because, literally, a typical person can't make this stuff up. I tell people she should have named me after a hurricane. My name is comic gold - an oxymoron or ironic comedy. Peace is such a long, difficult road to obtain, even more so if you're me. I'm a firm believer that people make themselves, but, sometimes, I'd like to think my mom named me "Serenity" to give me some form of peace in this chaotic, no-barriers-held-back world.

Sunday I was cleaning and wearing socks. For me, cleaning within itself is often a safety threat. Add socks and it's a lethal combination. I lost my balance stepping off the "foyer" (see picture, below) and managed to land on my left side, twisting my ankle (you know, the one with the screws?) and angering my knee with the torn meniscus. Like I said, a person can't make this stuff up.

I then proceeded to continue cleaning, vacuuming, baking, and guinea pig-rearing and have spent the last two days with liquidy cold fire radiating from my knee, down my shin, and up my thigh. Today, my ankle is taking its share of the pain. I haven't been able to focus and the report I should have finished on Monday is just now ready for editing and formatting.

Sleep is fleeting and my arthritic right knee has sworn an oath of war against the left. It's been hazy the last few days. Pain has this weird way of sapping all your energy and making you sleepy and then jerking you awake after only five hours of sleep (hence the 3 or 4 hour nap on Sunday from running errands on Saturday and effectively putting me behind schedule on Sunday).

On the positive side, I'm alive, fairly certain that I didn't break anything, and I might have a potential new business idea as a home safety inspector (let me live in your home for a month and I'll find the safety flaws - might solve the high rent problem, but I doubt the clients would be willing to foot the medical bill).

Pictures! There's a complementary picture of my swollen ankle, a picture of Benny (the brown furry blur) chasing after Zeke (who was hogging the hay by sitting in the paper bag I had filled with hay and had managed to run out of frame before I could take a picture), my lunch on Tuesday (popcorn), and my lunch today (yogurt, cheese stick, olives, and coffee) - snacky foods that are quick and combat the whole "Ouchy no appetite" side effect of pain.

Until the next time, hug your loved ones extra tight and guinea out!

Picture is of my feet, the left one which is clearly swollen and puffy.

Picture is of a really blurry Benny, as he chases after his brother (out of frame) while playing in their play area.
Picture is of a bowl of popcorn, most of which has been eaten.
Picture is of a small container of olives, a cheese stick, and a Chobani Champions Greek yogurt tube.
My apartment foyer, in midst of cleaning my apartment. It has all sorts of items stacked on top of it (such as chairs, a TV tray, my tennis shoes, my winter boots, hay, boxes, my leather jacket, the guinea pigs' trash can, recyclables), which is in the process of being cleaned off so as to put all the items back (or thrown out). Shown on the left side of the picture is a chair with a bag of hay on top, and a space heater underneath. Shown on the lower right side of the picture is the knee walker.

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