Saturday, April 6, 2013

Now Mobile!

I now have no excuse to be "missing in action," because this awesome sauce has figured out how to access the Blogger App. Oh yeah 8-)
But! MIA or not, I *have* been taking pictures! No amount of allergy-induced low-grade fevers, under the weather asthma yuckiness, or exhaustion-induced whining can stop me now! Ok, so that's a little white lie big as the Capital! I'm not fit for public viewing, as the little trip to exchange the guineas' rotten lettuce proved to me this morning. I felt like I was in everyone's way, and the bubble-gum-snapping foot-on-the-gas-pedel-lovin' 7 minutes early bus driver (who made me wait another 30 minutes and still didn't afford me the time to get seated before gunning the bus) didn't help. Just don't ever try to run and catch an early bus with a busted knee. It hurts and you won't catch the bus anyways. Live, learn, get Luvs.

The first picture is of the bus stop by my chiropractor's office, where I get physical therapy for my sciata nerve (I might have two physical therapists in 2 or 3 weeks. You know you're full of grace when you have not only one, but two physical therapists!). It takes me two buses and an hour just to get there, then another hour on the way back. So, if my appointment is at noon, then I leave at 10:50ish to catch the 11 bus. Unlike this morning, I got one of my favorite bus drivers who I haven't seen in a year (mostly because of my sleep schedule) and he was also recovering from a meniscus tear, so we had a good conversation :-)

The second picture is what I'm doing now. Work, followed by more work, followed by a 4 AM panic attack because my blood sugars were 369, I had the chills, and I had yet to eat or take insulin or my medication. It didn't help that the boys were Jedi mind melding me into cleaning their cage and feeding them (and I had yet to dry their laundry. No newspaper means a load of laundry every other flippin' day. Good thing they're cute).

The last picture is what I'm making for tonight: Country ribs with homemade yummy barbecue sauce (got the pork at Safeway for $2.76 - woot!). As I only have $15 until I get paid, it's all hands on deck, which means I better get to work so I can get busy cooking in the kitchen tomorrow! (Yes, I do have food. I just have to cook it instead of eating protein bars).

Until the next time, guinea out!

Picture is of a Ride On bus sign.
Picture is of a print copyright log with a pen and white out.
Picture is of country ribs marinating in homemade barbeque sauce.


  1. Funny musngs Serenity--hope your knee feels better!